• Floor Heating Installation

  • Underfloor and under-tile heating systems transfer heat to the people and objects in a room via invisible infrared radiation.

    This kind of heat transfer does not require a solid material or a fluid (like a liquid or a gas) between two objects for heat to move from the hotter object to the cooler one.

    Radiant heating is said to be the BEST heating system a house can have! It is considered by many to be the "Rolex" or "Rolls Royce" of comfort heating.

  • Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating Systems:

    • highly efficient - up to 30% more efficient than forced-air heating systems
    • thermally comfortable - more even distribution of heat from floor to ceiling
    • aesthetically out of sight - no visible indication of its presence
    • pleasantly quiet - no clanking noises (radiators) or whoosing sounds (heating vents)
    • hypoallergenically clean - does not distribute allergens (dust, odors, germs)
    • undeniably durable - great for use in commercial and industrial building
    • cost-effectively fuel efficient - has been shown to reduce energy usage
    • virtually maintenance-free - once installed you'll enjoy many worry-free years
    • thermostatically controlled - can be automated to suit your lifestyle

    The image below gives a visual comparison of heat distribution in a room between forced air heating and radiant floor heating.

  • Ready to Experience the Comfort of Radiant Floor Heating?

    We can help! We are the authorised dealer and accredited installer for the HOTWIRE floor heating systems in the Marlborough region.

    Hotwire heating systems are controlled by state-of-the-art thermostats which can be automated to suit your lifestyle. Read more below.

  • Whether you are doing a renovation or a new build, we can design a plan best suited to your space requirements.

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    We quote on a per square metre basis and can also calculate how much it would cost to run your new radiant floor heating system.