• Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

  • "Better safe than sorry" is a saying that holds true even in the electrical world. Electricity is a powerful force that can have detrimental effects when not properly contained and controlled.

    That's why it's ultra-important to have preventative maintenance performed periodically on your electrical appliances at home and at work.

  • Our Electrical Maintenance Services include:

    • Hot water cylinder (HWC) repairs
    • Ripple control fault diagnostics
    • HWC element & thermostat replacements
    • Oven elements, simerstats, and other replacement parts
    • Air conditioning unit servicing
    • Heat pump servicing
    • General household repairs such as replacement power points & switches
    • Re-lamping or replacing lights
    • Changing smoke alarm batteries
    • Other electrical repairs

    And much more – Call us with your enquiry